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Memorial Necklace Types and How They Solace Families


Memorial necklaces are heartfelt jewelry items created in memory of a loved one who has passed away. Most necklace memorials may be personalized with birthstones, inscriptions, or even engraved fingerprints to tell the special tale of your departed loved one. These heirlooms enable bereaved individuals to find solace and to always have a reminder of their loved one close at hand.

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For every member of the family, there is a remembrance necklace style. To choose the most meaningful Necklace for you, select from a variety of options, including macho Dog Tags, feminine Charms, and cremation urn pendants.


Our pendants, which are expertly engraved with the specifics of your loved one’s distinctive fingerprint, enable you to honor a departed loved one. Each pendant, which comes in the following shapes: Heart, Offset Heart, Tear Drop, Oval, and Dog Tag, is as unique as the relationship you shared.


Our fingerprint charms, which are lighter and smaller than pendants but still serve as a real link to the people you miss, are a heartwarming way to maintain a relationship with a loved one who has passed away. If you would prefer to wear our fingerprint charms on a bracelet, you or a loved one may even get them fitted with a lobster clasp.


You may always keep your loved one close to your heart with our Lariat Necklace. A fingerprint is painstakingly carved on a Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Disc Charm that is part of our Lariat design.


A locket gives you and your loved one an eternal link. With their fingerprint etched on the back of a beloved photo, these memorial lockets offer a more sentimental approach to always carry their memory close to heart.

Urn Pendant

Necklaces made of cremated remains are a lovely way to carry your loved one with you always. These customized urns, which contain a little percentage of cremated ashes, provide a tangible link to a deceased individual. We offer Heart, Cross, and Gemstone types of Urn Pendant Necklaces that memorialize your loved one with dignity.

Tag Your Dog

Wearers of Memorial Dog Tags feel a unique connection and love for one another. Our Military Dog Tags and Ultralight Aluminum Dog Tags, engraved with the fingerprint of a veteran or other loved one who has passed away, are a unique memorial that honors the legacy that lives on.


The One You Loved Was Special. Customize your Necklace with the following features and extras to honor and remember them with a tribute that is equally unique:

Select your preferred shade of metal, such as classic yellow gold, stunning sterling silver, sleek rose gold, or any other hue that accentuates your own style and the narrative of your loved one.

Chain: The necklace’s placement on your body will be influenced by the chain you choose. Combine various chain lengths with a few pendants or charms to create a stunning layered effect that may pay tribute to many loved ones.

Nothing makes a fingerprint more distinctive than its own. You may make a unique memento by engraving your loved one’s print on a necklace. You may keep in touch with the people who matter most to you by having a handprint, footprint, or paw print engraved on several of our Necklace types.

Words have the ability to establish a strong bond with the people we have loved. Monograms, poetry, quotes, and nicknames are all wonderful inscriptions to add to your necklace.

Birthstone charms are a beautiful and meaningful addition to memory jewelry, whether they are used to symbolize a birth month or just a favorite hue.

Symbolic Charms: Accessorize your unique necklace with a Symbolic Charm to honor your loved one’s accomplishments. The narrative of your loved one is emphasized and enhanced by the Heart, Cross, Angel Wing, and other Symbolic Charm forms.


Memorial jewelry gives grieving families a concrete means of staying connected to their loved one who has passed away. Since fingerprint necklaces allow families to touch the fingerprint of their departed loved one, they can be very helpful during this healing process. They are aware of their Loved One’s constant presence and can feel the creases and grooves.

Additionally, these personalized monuments may assist families in feeling the presence of their loved one during visitations, funerals, and other noteworthy occasions. In fact, a lot of people discover that having memorial jewelry on their wedding day makes their deceased loved one’s presence feel more tangible at such a significant occasion.

We really hope that the fingerprint necklaces we make will enable you to feel this priceless solace and bond with your loved one. We are so sorry for your loss, both now and in the future.