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How Are Premier League Odds Calculated?

The majority of us are familiar with sports odds and can understand why a Premier League team is favored over the underdog, especially when Manchester City is participating!

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There are many well-liked options for Premier League betting, especially the spread, moneyline, and over/under. Prop bets also let you place a wager on nearly anything that can happen during a Premier League game, including important player performance metrics.

Soccer odds are typically determined by Vegas, which also sets the standard for sportsbooks all over the country. Curious about the rationale behind the odds displayed in sportsbooks across America and on our EPL Bet Hub?

You can find all of the answers right now!

How do EPL odds get calculated?

The purpose of creating EPL odds is not to accurately depict the likelihood of a particular result. The objective is to offer specific odds in order to turn a profit and draw in bettors from both sides (either team, etc.).

In the end, bookmakers and oddsmakers work together. The goal is to lessen the possibility of significant losses for sportsbooks.

Books thus detest big favorites winning because they lose badly. It’s true that Premier League betting odds aren’t decided by a sports forecasting whiz.

The EPL odds that you see on a sportsbook’s website and mobile app are largely influenced by sports statisticians, analysts, and mathematicians. The X’s and O’s of soccer odds are determined by looking at data, statistics, and the larger betting market.

When determining the odds for EPL moneyline and spread bets, odds makers consider a variety of factors, including past performance, injuries, form, team strengths and weaknesses, and even weather predictions. Naturally, there are algorithms and other nerdy things involved, so it’s not that easy, but this gives you an idea.

To put it another way, it’s similar to Dimers’ predictive analytics model in that 10,000 simulations of every Premier League game are run based on the aforementioned variables, giving you a distinct advantage before you make that game-winning play.

Why aren’t the odds for the Premier League real?

You will notice that those percentages don’t add up to 100% if you are a quick adder. They still sum up to 104.76%, though. How is an implied probability of 104% for an EPL game possible?

In actuality, of course, it cannot. This sportsbook is keeping the additional 4% as profit. Using this approach, which is widely used in America, a book will eventually turn a profit.

Sportsbook wins when favorites lose.

Bookies celebrate when there’s a major upset in the English Premier League. This is due to the fact that the sportsbook keeps all of the money that is heavily bet on the favorite. The golden goose for a sportsbook is a big favorite losing.

Now that you are aware of their origins, use Dimers to find the best Premier League odds available in America. For all of the largest and safest sportsbooks, we have special promo codes. Visit our EPL Bet Hub if you want to be successful at Premier League betting.

Why are the odds at sportsbooks comparable?

Worldwide, sports betting is exploding in popularity. Unexpectedly, aside from Vegas, soccer betting is relatively more developed in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Asia than it is in America.

Owing to the widespread popularity of Premier League wagering, sportsbooks frequently duplicate the odds found in other publications. Even without all the data and betting analytics research, they still get the same odds using this economical method.

How to profit from Premier League odds

Sportsbooks set odds in a way that benefits them in an attempt to profit from your wagers. How then do we retaliate and profit from sports betting?

The solution is straightforward: seize the opportunity. You ask, what is the edge?

In this case, the likelihood of an event happening outweighs the odds offered by the sportsbook. Put another way, our predictive analytics model indicates that a soccer player or team has a far higher chance of winning than the bookmakers believe!

By placing these wagers, you increase your chances of long-term gambling success. Naturally, a greater edge is preferable. Choosing picks with an advantage increases your chances of continuing to make money long after a win is uncertain. This is crucial if you want to be a profitable EPL bettor.

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